Three Dreams of a Man

Three dreams of a man:

  1. To be as handsome as his mother thinks
  2. To be as rich as his child believes
  3. To have as many women as his wife suspects..!
Three Dreams of a Man
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Movie Tickets

Husband: Today is Sunday & I have to enjoy it, so i bought 3 movie tickets.

Wife: Why three?

Husband: One for you and two for your parents.

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Drowned in Social Media

A Guy gets out of lift on 7th floor instead of 9th floor.

He says- I was so busy checking messages on my whatsapp…without realising, I went into the neighbour’s house and sat on their sofa.

The lady of the house was glued to the TV… watching serials…She gave me tea without looking at me.

When I started drinking Tea, I looked up and saw the lady’s husband entering the house….looking into his mobile.

He saw me and said, “sorry” and went out of the house !!!

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