Why A Woman Need a Husband

A Woman goes to a Psychiatrist and complains: “I don’t want to marry. I am educated, independent, and self sufficient. I don’t need a husband. But my parents are asking me to marry. What do I do?”

Psychiatrist replied : “YOU, undoubtedly will achieve great things in life. But somethings inevitably will not go the way you want. Somethings will go wrong. Sometimes you will fail. Sometimes your plans won’t work. Sometimes your wishes will not be fulfilled. Then who will you blame?
Will you blame Yourself?”

Woman: “NO!!!”

Psychiatrist: “Yes… That’s why you need a Husband!”


A little boy went up to his father and asked:

‘Dad, where did all of my intelligence come from?’

The father replied: ‘Well, son, you must have gotten it from your mother,

‘because I still have mine.’

Marriages are Made in Heaven

If marriages are made in heaven , then what are made in Hell?

Ans : The days after marriage