Computer Terminology for the Layman

Apple – Gravity Fruit

Barcode – Rules at the local pub

Baud – Beach crowd obsession

Boot Up – Dress for snowy weather

Bug – Old Volkswagen

Bus – Cheaper than an airplane

Byte – What the dog did to the mail carrier

Cache – No checks accepted

Chip – A type of chocolate used in baking

Computer Terminal – Call a mortician

Crash – Attend a party uninvited

Diskette – Brief disco

FAX – What a criminal investigator wants

Garbage In/Garbage Out – A day at the sanitary landfill

Hacker – Cough drop user

Hard Copy – Tabloid T.V. show

IBM – In Between Marriages

Mac – Everyone’s favorite fast food

Megahertz – Take Tylenol and codeine

Modem – Why the lawns look so good

Mouse pad – Disneyland

Novell – An international peace prize

On-line – Sobriety test

Optic Fiber – Vision improving food with bulk

PC – Politically Correct

Programmer – English teacher’s attitude

Remote – Change the watch around the castle

ROM – Capital of Italy

Serial Port – Breakfast wine

Silicon Valley – Where breast implants are made

Superconductor – Railroad employee of the month

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